BBTB2 For the Men in our lives

I am the host of the Bitten by the Bug 2 challenge for this two week period and I chose the theme “For the Men in our Lives”.  Sometimes it is hard for people to come up with masculine cards, but I know how much the men in my family appreciate the cards I make them.

Every year I choose what type of birthday card I will make for my family (and that number is now up to seventeen.) I found a card called a fling card on Pinterest which is a variation of the waterfall card and thought that would be a good one for this year.  I watched a video by Srushti Patil found here.   Since I will be making so many of these cards, I decided to make a pattern on Design Space rather than cutting them by hand each time.  I also decided that I would make a separate post on the process of making the actual card which can be found in this post.

The cut file I made for making this card uses only the basic shapes so anyone on Design Space can use it.  The project is called Fling Card 2 and can be found in the community in Design Space. If you want a direct link, let me know in the comments.  One thing I did learn in making these is that it works better with 100# cardstock as the base card. The flipping cut as well as the base pages that flip work better with a lower cardstock, but not paper. However paper can be used for the decorative elements.

My birthdays start with my father and brother who share a birthday as well as my sister-in-law whose birthday is the day before theirs.  This is my father’s card and the different views as the pages flip (or fling if you do it fast) over when the panel is pulled out of the side.


And here is my brother’s card.



Check out the Bitten by the Bug 2 blog and link up your male project here. and let’s see those masculine inspirations using your Cricut.


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