Bitten By The Bug 2 – Anything but a card

Anything but a card is the challenge starting today on Bitten by the Bug 2.

I love the projects found on, but seldom do anything but cards from there.  Last month they came out with these really cool 3D stars that light up.  I loved the look and thought they could be a great decorative element for my daughter’s upcoming engagement party. Below is the star in a dark room when it is lit up.



This star is large (about 21 inches across) and really makes a statement.  The pattern calls for 16 sheets of 12 x 12 paper.  I didn’t have that many white sheets in a heavier cardstock, so I downsized the pattern to so that each piece could be cut on an 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.  There wasn’t that much difference from the original. I have 110# Georgia Pacific Card paper that I purchased in a ream from Walmart awhile ago and still had several sheets left.  Even though it says it is 110#, it feels more like an 80# cardstock and not as thick as my other 100# cardstock.  One of my pet peeves is that it is sometimes hard to tell exactly how thick a cardstock will be as there doesn’t seem to be a consistent scale across different brands.  That is one reason I like to actually feel cardstock.  Since we have to depend more on online shops, I am trying to come up with a couple of basic cardstocks that I can order with confidence.

I ended up going over the score lines manually after my Cricut scored them because it wasn’t folding as easily as I wished it would.  I will have to say that it was a real job to get everything glued together and keep things in line and neat.  In fact the center point had a gap in the middle, so I ended up cutting a small circle and used a zot to attach it to the center to cover the gap.  Mary always has wonderful videos on assembly of her svg files which is a must with this star.  She also had recommendations on the lights for in the star, but I am pretty cheap, so I found a different kind of LED light that runs on batteries from Amazon called lantern lights by Yunlights.  They seem to work well so far and I used two of them inside this star.  Below is the star in the light.

star in light


You can find this star with two others on here.  It is also available separately.

I did enjoy this project even though it isn’t perfect and will probably do a couple more in the other patterns before the party in April.

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