Bitten by the Bug 2 – Music or Dance

Our challenge over on Bitten by the Bug 2 for the next two weeks is Music or Dance.  This thank you note will be perfect for our church organist.  It was pretty quick to do.


The Hannah Montana cartridge is one that I have for quite a while and sometimes gets overlooked.  That is because even though it is a font cartridge (there are several included) it does not show on the list of fonts when you use text.  Instead you have to insert images for each letter. The easiest way to do this is to to search images and choose Hannah Montana as the image sets under highlighted categories.  This is a little annoying to me because if I am putting in text, I forget about this cartridge unless I specifically want to do this note type writing.  The other annoying thing is that the rest of the images on the cartridge do not show under the image set.  If you search guitars, the ones on the set will pop up, but if you only look at the set, they don’t show, only the letters and numbers.  Luckily I still have the booklet, so I know what all is on the cartridge set.  I also pulled the Treble and Bass clefs from the cartridge Quarter Note.  Once I put all the letters and blank lines close enough to touch each other, I welded everything and then cut it out of vinyl.  I might try it in cardstock next time since I made it a little bigger and I don’t have to worry about small details.

Make sure to put your own project using your Circut with a music or dance theme and link it up at Bitten by the Bug 2 . – Denise

8 thoughts on “Bitten by the Bug 2 – Music or Dance

  1. I have several cartridges with fonts like that-they don’t show up in the fonts list on a search and it’s very annoying! I didn’t even know Hannah Montana had a font! I definitely want to use it now, because I love your card!


  2. Denise,

    You know I am missing this too much! I often search for fonts and music….I bet I am missing them. I love this cart and I know the images pop up for me. Thanks so much for the reminder. BTW the you looked like a star at the wedding!


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