Bitten By The Bug 2 – Thanksgiving

Today we start the Thanksgiving Challenge on Bitten by the Bug 2 . Here is my project:


I purchased this mandala turkey image which is from called Thanksgiving Mandala SVG bundle.  It has six images and I decided to do this one.  Once a month they have $1 deals where for an hour you can purchase various products for $1 each.  I have picked up some great products for only a $1 and I have liked the idea of these layered mandala images.  This one has four layers.  I decided that since there were so many cuts, I would make it as big as possible and sized it at 11.4″ for the biggest dimension.  I also set my Cricut to cut for intricate cuts and it took over 45 minutes for each of the middle two layers since each cut is done twice on that setting.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any smaller as some of the circles were pretty small.  Once I had it cut out and together, I couldn’t decide what I was actually going to do with it.  There have been a lot of Pinterest projects using pizza pans from the Dollar Tree, so I picked one up at my local store and the turkey just fit in it.  I tried using some of my markers and a burnishing wax to color the pizza pan but nothing worked very well.  I pulled out some burlap, cut it in a larger square and attached it just inside the lip with a glue gun.  I cut another layer and turned it 45 degrees so that the mesh filled in cover more of the silver pan, once again with a glue gun.  I then took my new favorite scissors which are applique scissors to trim the burlap even with the lip of the pan.  I finally found a paint pen to somewhat color the lip, but it still felt bare.  The trim was white and after experimenting with several things, I found an old Inkadoo watercolor marker that I colored the trim with to match the blue in the turkey and attached with 3 in 1 glue.  I propped up the pan on a wooden cross from Dollar Tree’s craft section and will figure out a better way to attach it and finish the back of the pan, but it worked for the picture.

Make sure to link up your own project over at Bitten by the Bug 2 by November 23.  You can also see some of the great projects by the designers there.  May everyone have a very blessed Thanksgiving. – Densie

16 thoughts on “Bitten By The Bug 2 – Thanksgiving

  1. This looks amazing! Love using the pizza pan as the base and the burlap background looks great with the mandala! And the cuts look so intricate and wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. That turkey is so darn cute and looks like it is way more than four layers. Your creativity and mounting it against a pizza pan is magnificent. I just made a snowman in the same style and it took me a good few hours even though it was really an easy project, the assembly was time consuming. Happy Thanksgiving to all


  3. That turkey is so cool, it looks much more than four layers. How did you find the assembly, easy or time-consuming? The reason I ask is because I just did a snowman and it took me a good few hours to assemble. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day


  4. Love, love, love your project and the colors are sooo perfect. I immediately went to the website to get this project and it said you had to use design space to separate the layers and I have a Cricut and Scan and Cut but can’t separate the layers so I guess I won’t be making it. So disappointed. But so glad you posted the project.


    • Thank you Barbara. Do you use Design Space with your Circut? If so, then they are already separated for you. All I did was upload the svg file into Design Space and the four layers are already there. It says on the description that you have to ungroup them, but you don’t even have to do that since they will cut one layer at a time. If you have questions, let me know and I can post a how-to post.


  5. Denise~this is amazing!!!! I just recently saw another mandala project but this one is wowza!! you did a great job! Thanks for the hint about the $1 deals…you should post that on the BBTB2 challenge page.

    happy Novemeber!


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