Day 5 Growing in Unity – 2020

Did you know that Unity also sells some cool supplies? I have lots of cards today using Unity’s Toner card fronts and foil. I purchased a couple designs of these toner cards, but in my usual fashion, never used them until this week when I challenged myself to use supplies I never seem to get to. I am also using the toner sheets that are entirely covered with toner. I highly recommend getting these so that you can use the negative of your foiling and not waste any of that beautiful foil. In some instances, I like them better than the original pattern.

For these first cards I used the  Floral Card Front and the Silver Sequin foil (top) and Rainbow Shattered Glass (bottom).  It is really pretty simple.  You just cut a piece of the foil slightly bigger than the pre-printed card fronts, lay them, pretty side up, on top of the card fronts and run them through a laminating or foiling machine.  After peeling the foil off, I cut a piece of the black toner sheet the same size and ran it through with the negative image left on the foil.  Whitney has videos on the Unity page that explain how.  The silver one ended up with a crease when I ran it through the second time, so I cut it diagonally and fussy cut one of the flowers from the damaged side. I also cut a strip from the black toner sheet with the rainbow shattered glass to create a ribbon for the sentiment on the bottom.  The sentiments came from the following kits: May Strength Surround You, Mourning Dove, and My Sympathies.

fri_3-1 T

These card were created with one card front called Butterfly Fly Away Toner Card Front. I ran the card front through with a teal foil. It is on the first card.  I then ran the foil that was left on the blank toner sheet.  After it came through, I ran it again with a gold foil.  Because the butterflies from the negative didn’t have foil, the gold sticks to wherever there wasn’t foil from before.  That is shown on the middle card. Then the gold foil is run through again on another blank toner sheet and you end up with the third card.  It is fun to see what combinations you can come up with.  The sentiments come from the Unity sets Mourning Dove, My Sympathies, and April 2020 SMAK- Head Up, My Friend. 

These are the plain toner sheets- Deco Foil Toner Sheets

Deco Foil Toner Sheets.

Thanks so much for all of the comments this week, it has been fun.  Make sure to comment so that you have a chance to win one of two Unity grab bags of 25 stamps.  I would also like to thank Unity Stamp Company for this opportunity to be a GIU gal. – Denise

55 thoughts on “Day 5 Growing in Unity – 2020

  1. Sooo beautiful! I love all you created using the toner sheets! Looks like I need to add a laminator on my wish list to Santa this year!!.

    Thanks for enabling I mean inspiring lol.

    Great day!


  2. Thank you for showing us so many great cards and for showing us new products and techniques. You’ve done a great job showing off Unity Stamps! I love how you’re able to go with the flow when things don’t go the way, you had hoped/planned and how you’re able to use the “negatives” or extras for other cards.

    sue n.


  3. Unity has the best sentiments – as you’ve shown here. I think
    I love the negatives of the toner sheets better myself. But I can’t
    say which I love more – the flowers or the butterflies. Both are
    just sooo pretty! Thanks for a lovely week!


  4. Beautiful foil cards! I was thinking today that I need to do some foiling cards for the holidays. Thank you for sharing your creativity this week.


  5. Beautiful cards! I haven’t done much with foiling yet, but I love the look! I’ll have to get out my supplies! I do have a laminator and lots of pretty foils, but the laminator is put away where it isn’t too easy to get to it.


  6. These are beautiful too!!! I bought some of these and haven’t used them yet, you have inspired me again!! You had a great week. Thanks for sharing!


  7. These are beautiful. I have not tried foiling yet but you sure have inspired me to use things in my stash that I haven’t tried yet. This is going on my wish list for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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