Bitten by the Bug 2 – Cute Critters

Our challenge over at Bitten by the Bug 2 is Cute Critters and here is my project (actually two of them).


closeup A closeup of the materials.

I am not a cutesy kind of crafter, but I do have a soft spot for the bears in the Cricut cartridge called Teddy Bear Parade.  They all have this expression that makes you want to hug them and there are a ton of different outfits for all kinds of occasions.  I decided that I wanted to do a shaped card and so I searched through the images and picked these two because the hats made a nice top to hinge together.  To make the card base, I sized the bear to be 5 inches tall and duplicated it.  I then removed the fishing pole (and pitchfork from the farmer).  Welding the copy made a perfect shape.  I then duplicated that and flipped it vertically.  I lined the two shapes up head to head and overlapped those heads enough to make sure I would have enough to make a decent size fold and used the centering tool to make sure they matched.  The welding tool was once again used to make one shape.  Adding a scoring line was done using the line from basic shapes and turning it 90 degrees.  If you put it with the welded shape and use the alignment tool (the horizontal center) it places it perfectly to fold the card at the top of the head.  You could also do that manually.  The original image was cut using some fun materials and lines up perfectly on the base shape. I used a faux suede material for the bears and a Tim Holtz textile paper for the overalls.  These were fun to do and I will probably try others.

Make sure to use your Cricut and link your own Cute Critter creation on Bitten by the Bug 2.

10 thoughts on “Bitten by the Bug 2 – Cute Critters

  1. Oh that fishing bear is my favorite. Shaped cards are so fun to make and really come out great. Your materials are perfect touches to your creative cards


  2. I didn’t realize these were cards. What a fun way to make a shaped card and these bears are ADORABLE! Fun, fun, fun project for the DT submission!!


  3. I love the bears on that cartridge as well, it’s actually one of my favorite cartridges! Your bears are adorable!


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